Renovations Complete on Ellsworth St. Home

Renovations are complete on the Avenue of the Arts home located on a tree-lined block of Ellsworth St! An addition to the third floor was added, including a deck adjacent to the master suite for over 2500 sq ft of warm, modern and family friendly 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home.

kitchen / home office 1322

A warm and modern kitchen. Reclaimed timbers from the existing home were used to create the breakfast bar and office nook shown in the foreground.  The unique floor was accomplished by mixing hardwoods, including variations of oak and walnut, for a patchwork effect resulting in a rich yet earthy feel.

black walnut backsplash, granite countertop 1322

The backsplash was created by milling down two slabs of beautiful black walnut that originated from a friend’s small, Lancaster County woodshop.

private courtyard / off-street parking

A rare luxury in city life, this home features amazing outdoor living space. To the left: a Tuscan courtyard, perfect for entertaining and small scale gardening, which doubles as secured, off-street parking. Below: unsurpassed views of Philadelphia’s cityscape.

Rooftop 1322


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